Combining Artificial Intelligence and Real Time Data Analytics with Market Research 

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Our in-house data monitoring system enables competitor initiative, pricing, and product tracking among other functions.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Real-Time Competitive Analytics

Real time data analytics is considered critical for the success of an organization as it provides meaningful information that could lead to quick decisive actions. We help your business to grow by collecting requirement-specific RT information from your competitors and compiling this data into data sets you can use for your operational, management, sales, and marketing applications.

Our in-house data monitoring system offers services such as monitoring products & services, prices, stocks, catalogs, open job positions, research developments, and strategic initiatives among others. This can be extracted on an hourly, daily, weekly basis; according to the client’s requirement.

After gathering the data, we can compare the datasets to generate data trend reports. Some of the use cases experimented with our existing clients includes product pricing trends, stock availability trends, and newsfeed trends among others.

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Case Study

Objective: Extract stock, price, purity of chemicals, package size of chemicals/products for the given CAS numbers.
Experimental Client 1: TCI Chemicals


TCI Chemicals is one of the targeted companies for which our company extracted information at a frequency of 24hrs.


As you can see in the above screenshot our company’s proprietary software extracted information regarding package unit, price, stock and purity for the particular product 2-Chloro-3-hydroxypyridine.

The above image depicts the database view of the extracted data.


The same data can be downloaded as an excel file.


The information provided in the Left Hand Side (LHS) column are not universal i.e. they are specific to each client; in this case the client was tracking a number of chemicals through their CAS numbers.

The "Manage CAS" tab allows the client to track CAS numbers of the chemicals in order to check information such as prices, stocks, and other requisites.

Buttons on the dashboard, and the Centre Screen Specifics:

  1. Decreased Price CAS - The number of CAS (chemicals/products) whose price has decreased compared to yesterday
  2. Empty Stock CAS - The number of CAS (chemicals/products) whose stock is 0 today
  3. Increased Price CAS - The number of CAS (chemicals/products) whose price has increased compared to yesterday
  4. Competitor News - News Articles Regarding Competitors
  5. Total Stock - Shows Real-Time Graph Of A Particular CAS


Stock Trends - This page shows the historic trends of stocks of different companies supplying the chemical that the client is tracking

Competitors - Manages a list of competitors and their data (news articles, products, developments, stock, prices, discounts, etc.)

Relational Data & Reports - Relational data page shows combination of stock values of different CAS to compare and the Reports page has Qualitative and Quantitative information regarding market estimates & forecasts. The above information can be altered according to client requirements.

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