Artificial Intelligence has altered the course of technology over the past years. The continuous need for automation has led to the use of AI in almost all walks of life. The growing demand for robotics, big data analytics, virtual assistants, cloud computing etc. is expected to augment demand for AI solutions.

Machine Learning, computer vision, and natural language processing are some of the most prominent technologies used in the field of AI. The manufacturing sector is expected to benefit tremendously from the use of AI in production scheduling & planning, predictive maintenance, quality control & inspection among others. Apart from the usage of AI in the healthcare, fintech, security, retail, and automotive sector the demand for AI is also observed in human resource, security, law, and agriculture.

In the retail sector, AI is used for customer relationship management, virtual assistant, demand planning, product recommendation, price optimization, supply chain management, and payment management. In the agricultural industry, AI has been used in precision farming, drone analytics, livestock monitoring, and agricultural robots among others.

Major automotive players have invested tremendously in developing solutions that use artificial intelligence to enable features such as autonomous or semi-autonomous driving, automatic parking, and collision avoidance systems among others. One of the most valued developments in artificial intelligence is security in identity & access management, data loss prevention, threat management, and risk & compliance management among others.

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