Prior to my purchase, what services can I expect?

We provide free analyst hours/consultations on the following broad areas:

  • Analyst calls through which we can align our studies to your expectations
  • Feasibility analysis on any additional information as per your request
  • Price negotiations with sales representatives
Prior to purchasing a study, how do we know whether it would meet our expectations/requirements?

Once you’ve identified a study of interest, please contact our team at Our representative can share free samples and brochures related to the study. These samples are available for all the studies presented on the website. We can also set up analyst calls to ensure that the study is in tandem with your expectations.

Reports related to my area of interest are not listed on your website. What can be done in this case?

We would urge you to contact us at We’re always on the lookout for upcoming markets and it’s quite possible that our analysts are already preparing studies that may be of interest to you. We’re open to commissioning consulting studies to suit your requirements as well.

What is the price of a syndicate study?

Prices depend on the complexity of the study. The respective prices have been specified on the website alongside the available titles. We offer discounts on a case-to-case basis for students, NGOs, start-ups and small-scale businesses. Please contact our sales team at for a revised quotation.

What is the cost structure for consult studies?

The cost structure depends on analyst hours and the experience level of analysts required to execute the study. As a part of the feasibility study conducted post initial discussions with clients, we will also estimate the above-mentioned factors to determine to cost structure.

In what formats are the studies available in?

We generally deliver our studies in PDF format. On request, some deliverables can be made available in PPT and spreadsheets formats as well.

How do you deliver the report?

For soft copy: After payment processing, our IT department generates a unique log-in ID and password which can be used to access the PDF version of the report on our website.

For physical copy: On request, we deliver physical copies of our studies to our clients as well, with an added shipment cost. In such cases, we can deliver a soft copy shortly after the payment is processed, and the physical copy shall be delivered within 7-10 working days, depending on the delivery location, and the terms and conditions of the third-party courier services that we avail.

How do I access my purchased report?

You can access the reports which you purchased by logging in using the "Clients" page.

Then enter your login details given by us.

After logging in navigate to the report page which you had purchased and select the "Full report tab" and download the report.

Analyst Support

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