Global Market Estimates Research & Consultants is a market research & business consultancy firm having a proven track record of serving Fortune 1000 companies. We have been collaborating with various industry professionals to leverage their expertise on global ultra-niche high growth markets to provide our clients with exceptional quantitative forecasts and statistics suitable for their business needs.

The business world progresses very rapidly, and real-time quantitative data is crucial for businesses to stay ahead of the competition.


We at Global Market Estimates aim to provide our clients with impeccable research to leverage their business growth strategies. We are passionate about helping businesses achieve their strategic objectives with the help of our rigorous research methodology specializing in tapping untouched revenue pockets.

We have partnered with 15000+ industry experts including top management executives, financial consultants, business strategists and project analysts from across the globe to help us identify and forecast niche markets.


We offer our clients with the best research strategies customized to their growth requirements. Our research analysts follow a highly robust methodology using the top-down and bottom-up approach to identify and analyze high growth revenue pockets for our clients. We strive to develop our clients business with the help of our AI Powered Real-Time Competitive Analytics tool which compiles real-time data and arranges it into data sets which could be used to boost organizational efficiency in various ways.

Furthermore, Global Market Estimates offers its in-house data monitoring service which allows our clients an insight about the current market scenario with real-time industry intelligence regarding the fluctuations in stocks, prices, product & services portfolios, ongoing research developments and strategic initiatives to name a few, which is customized as per the client’s requirements.

We make it our priority to understand our client’s requirements and provide our consulting expertise in association with industry experts.  Our business consulting studies are carried out in three clear stages that focus on solving our client’s issues pertaining to marketing strategies, organizational effectiveness, and untapped markets with high potential across various verticals & geographies.

Our consulting projects have focused on analyzing geographic usage patterns in emerging economies by studying price trends and identifying the ideal channel for material procurement, identifying key innovators and key performance indicators for markets with high revenue potential.  We aim to provide our clients with a detailed outlook of how they can potentially leverage their strengths and capitalize on the opportunities that come their way while simultaneously counter any challenges that may prevail.

Analyst Support

Our pool of analysts capture disruptive concepts and technologies on real-time basis which helps fortune 1000 companies.