We’re constantly identifying and analysing high growth markets and revenue pockets. In consultation with various industry experts, our team of highly-skilled industry analysts study these markets through sophisticated tools and fail-safe, industry-approved methodologies. We generally triangulate our market numbers through a combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches. In the top down approach, we identify the overall market size, which is further bifurcated into its segments and sub-segments. To identify the overall market size, we analyse trends in macro-economic variables and understand their impact on the studied market. The bottom-up approach involves the arrival at overall market size through the summation of its various segments. This involves the analysis of various micromarkets and the dynamics unique to it. Price trends of components & sub-components, and the consequent differences in demand in country- & region-level markets are scrutinised in this approach.

On the supply-side, the value chain analysis is used to understand the percentage contribution to the overall price at each stage of the production process. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis helps to understand the level of competitiveness in the market and identify pressure points in the industry dynamics. Technology roadmaps outline the evolution of the market so far and the impact of megatrends disruptive technologies in the future.

Apart from market intelligence, our market research reports also provide a detailed landscape of the competitive scenario prevailing in the market. We identify an exhaustive list of players and benchmark them on the basis of a number of parameters, some of which include financial health, R&D capabilities and robustness of product portfolio, end-user reviews, brand value, geographic footprint, and pricing models. The overall performance across all these fronts is used to arrive at market rankings for these players.

Our Market Research Reports have a monopoly in the market space for Vendor Landscape Section (Manufacturers, Suppliers & Distributors) and End-User Landscape Section (Consumer Profile). The reports provide a detailed list of current as well as potential suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers operating across the world, which includes their contact details, geographical presence, revenue, product portfolio, organic, and inorganic growth strategies among others.

Our pool of analysts capture disruptive concepts and technologies on daily-basis which helps fortune 1000 companies. We have a database of 15000+ industry consultants, VPs, CEOs, COOs, financial consultants, business consultants, strategy consultants, project management consultants, business management consultants, distributors, and end-use product manufacturers across the globe which help us identify and forecast niche markets.