We started Global Market Estimates Research & Consultants in the year 2015, every single person in our team contributed their expertise to provide market research services which were far superior to anything our competitors provided. Over the years we have now grown into an entity which can provide research and consulting services from several verticals of the market to serve our customers.


The Beginning

In the year 2015, our partners came together from various market research and consulting firms with the common goal of providing research services far superior to what existed back then. With modest beginnings, with 4 part-time analysts in Mumbai.

The Present

We are now a team of 50+ full-time analysts and 200+ part-time analysts executing studies across 6 major industry verticals. Along the way, we’ve managed to forge successful business partnerships with Fortune 500 companies across the world.

Analyst Support

Our pool of analysts capture disruptive concepts and technologies on real-time basis which helps fortune 1000 companies.