Annual Research Partnership Services

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Annual Research Partnership Services

Global Market Estimates is one of the largest independent market research and consulting companies and we collaborate with clients from various industry verticals to provide value-added services. Our service offerings include syndicated studies, customized market research reports, consulting, AI-powered real-time analytics, and annual research partnerships. We deliver bespoke and responsive services as we have a team of talented, professionally qualified, experienced, and trained researchers and analysts.

We combine evidence with the expertise to bridge the huge gap between consultancy and research. Our clients consider us as their valued partner as we work with them to find solutions to their business challenges, maximize their competitiveness, enhance their brand image, and achieve the next level of success.

Annual Research Partnership

Our Annual Research Partnership Services

As a business owner, your quest is to identify more growth opportunities in the market you are currently operating and seek new markets for future expansion. A short-term association with us for market research will be helpful in meeting your short-term goals, but you will need extensive market research assistance to achieve your long-term goals. That’s why GME has come up with a unique annual research partnership model for addressing clients’ specific long-term business goals. We offer customized research solutions to help clients devise effective strategies that would enable them to streamline their operations, consolidate their market position, and gain a competitive edge.

When you sign an annual research partnership service contract with us, a team of dedicated analysts would start monitoring the market on a continuous basis and provide you with insights, forecasts, and estimates. This would help you make decisions quickly and take advantage of the trends in the market.

Advantages of Annual Research Partnership Services Offered by Us

  • Customized solutions depending on your specific requirement
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Analysts’ briefings and assistance
  • Access to GME’s portfolio of reports and database at subsidized costs
  • As part of the service, we will provide you with statistical forecasts, market segmentation details, competitor analysis, vendor information, and end-use consumer Profile, among others
  • Analytics based on data shared by you; this includes business models, activity probability distributions based on varied parameters, data validation techniques, performance metrics, time-series analysis based on the historical dataset, cross-sectional analysis, and development of techniques for eliminating risks
  • Datasets that are easy to interpret
  • Continuous tracking of raw material prices
  • Access to our visual analytics tools

In addition, our annual research partnership services include regular updates and customization of reports as per your requirements. This is possible because we make use of both qualitative and quantitative tools as part of the research methodology that we follow. At GME, we tabulate datasets in such a way that you can convert them into graphs and charts for better perception and understanding.

Finally, our annual research partnership services will help you in maximizing your returns on investment (ROI). If you are still wondering if the annual research partnership is the right solution for your problems, you can call us and fix an appointment with one of our top analysts. He/she will clarify all your queries and guide you to the next step.