Refund Policy

Product Download

Our products are currently delivered by Internet download only. After your purchase has been approved we will process your order. Orders are typically processed within seventy two (72) working hours (monday-friday as per Indian Standard Time) to complete. In case of two or more report dispatches to the same client, we dispatch the study within five working days (monday-friday as per Indian Standard Time). Once your order has been processed we will send you a confirmation email using the email address you provided on our order form.

This email will serve as your electronic purchase receipt and will contain the information you need to access our product downloads.

Downloads from our servers are closely monitored to ensure you are able to successfully access our products. While we are flexible and allow you to complete a reasonable number of downloads we will not tolerate download abuse. We reserve the right to terminate your access to our download servers.

Refund Policy

  • Considering the nature of our product, which are entirely knowledge and information based, once order has been placed for any client (individual or institutional), it will, under no circumstances be accepted back, and no refund of payments made.
  • All reports, studies or any other research-based material, which is posted on our website or preserved in our online archives is the sole property of Global Market Estimates Research & Consultants and wholly owned by their authors. Only Global Market Estimates Research & Consultants reserves the right to change, modify, add to, or customize any such material, at the discretion of its own in-house team of experts.
  • It is exclusively the responsibility of the client (individual and institutional) to thoroughly scrutinize and check the contents of the product before formally placing an order for it. Global Market Estimates Research & Consultants does not assume any such responsibility on their behalf.
  • For any assistance you may need related to any product on sale, please contact us. Our team would be happy to clear your doubts, answer your queries, and address your concerns.