Annual Research Partnership Services:

Companies generally seek for extensive research assistance to identify opportunities in prevailing and potential markets to evaluate their competitive positions across the world. Global Market Estimates have come up with the annual research partnership model to address specific research requirements of the clients. The company offers customized research solutions, to assist the clients with effective strategies for streamlining their market position to gain the competitive edge.

Under the annuity research partnership model, our team of specialized analysts continuously monitor & estimates the market insights and builds forecasts based on the trends identified.

To provide the best research assistance to our valued clients, we offer 24x7 support throughout the year. We also provide the clients with the access to our database of market reports and other related information.

Key Benefits associated with the annual research partnership services include:

  • Customized solutions based on the client’s requirement
  • 24x7 client support
  • Analyst briefings & assistance
  • Access to our portfolio of reports & database at a subsidized cost
  • Deliverables include statistical forecasts, detailed segmentation, Competitor Analysis, Vendor Landscape (Suppliers/Manufacturers/Distributors), and End-use Landscape (Consumer Profile) among others
  • Data Analytics (Data to be shared by the client)
    • Business Models and probability distributions of different business activities considering different parameters or probability distributions
    • Data preprocessing techniques for validation, detection, error correction; to check the missing or incorrect data
    • Calculation of the performance metrics
    • Time-series analysis considering the historical dataset
    • Cross Sectional analysis depending on the need of the client
    • Developing techniques to eliminate risks, false alarms and predict the future of the consumers and their transactions
  • Easy to interpret datasets
  • Regular track on raw material prices
  • Access to visual analytic tools to simplify complex data sets

We also provide regular update to our clients and customize the reports according to their requirements. The company uses a mix of quantitative and qualitative tools in its research methodology. The datasets are recorded in a tabular format with complete access to visualization tools such as graphs, charts, and pivot tables among others.

Our company’s global and regional market intelligence coverage include various industries across the globe. The complete analysis include industry analysis, industry trends, market analysis, market dynamics, market share analysis, mapping contracts from press releases, identifying the key players in the market by studying their product portfolio, competition level, annual reports/SEC filings & investor presentations; and learning the demand and supply side analysis for the concerned market.

Analyst Support

Our pool of analysts capture disruptive concepts and technologies on real-time basis which helps fortune 1000 companies.