By inline metrology, we refer to the measurement, scanning, and controlling of moving equipment and parts. Inline metrology is known for its reliability, automated measurements, and tenacity. Across the globe, the market is likely to record a growth of 15.6 percent owing to the upscaling adoption of smart metrology solutions, increasing expenditure on research and development (R&D) for automation technologies, and increasing use of smart 3D sensors around the world.

Based on the application, the global inline metrology market has dominated the segment of quality control and inspection. To eliminate uncertainty surrounding measurements and enhance instrument competence, manufacturing companies are delegating inspection and quality assurance services which, in turn, is boosting the global inline metrology market. Setting up internal metrology facilities could be expensive. Moreover, with the lack of metrology experts, outsourcing the services have become more common.

Based on end-user insights, the automotive industry dominates the global inline metrology market currently. This growth could be attributed to the expanding demand for automobiles across emerging nations, such as USSR, South Africa, and China, augmenting the need for high-speed inspection of automotive manufactured parts.

Inline Metrology Market

Based on the product-wise analysis, coordinate measuring machines (CMM) dominates the global inline metrology market. Some of the factors enhancing the demand for the CMM segment include a high precision model and greater accuracy of measurements of fine machine parts. The CMM system also offers some other advantages, like, high flexibility, and reduced setup time propelling the demand global inline metrology market.

Based on end-users, the global inline metrology services are leading the market, recording the fastest growth rate. Due to the high cost of setting up an inline metrology facility and the lack of experts in this field, the segment is growing from manufacturers. Firms are outsourcing their inline measurement, scanning, and control processes to service providers for reliable measurement readings in a short period, ensuring process stability and reducing uncertainty.

Based on regional analysis, the Asia-Pacific region is holding the largest market share within the global inline metrology market. Emerging countries, including India and China, have the most number of automotive manufacturers. They have an increasing demand for automobiles, given the improving standards of living and spreading urbanization. The large scale demand for inspection of machines and quality control have boosted the demand for the global inline metrology market.

The market comprises many big players, including Dwfritz Automation, Inc., Metrologic Group, ABB Ltd., Fraunhofer Ise, WENZEL Präzision GmbH, QIS Metrologies AB, LMI Technologies, Cognex Corporation, Perceptron, Ametek, Inc., and so forth.

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