Silica is made up of the most abundant elements, namely, silicon and oxygen. Silica analyzer is an instrument designed specifically for pure water treatment and power cycle chemistry monitoring. It measures silica content in steam water which is used in the power generation industry and assures water purity and protection of other equipment from corrosion. It is easy to use, install, and can also be easily replaced. There are several benefits offered by the silica analyzer such as automatic calibration of the equipment, the continuous display of the silica content, and the accurate timing. The accurate measurement of silica content in the water sample, low maintenance cost, and increasing demand for electricity are the major factors driving the market growth. The growing number of power plants, and optimizing the power generation process are also driving the market growth for silica analyzer. Accurate silica measurement in steam offers efficiency, reliability, and performance in the optimization of power plant, which is also driving growth in the silica analyzer market.

The global silica analyzer market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.69% during the forecast period. According to the new market research report published by Global Market Estimates, the global silica analyzer market, based on its type is segmented into equipment and consumables. The consumable segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR in the near future. Also, the silica analyzer market includes various consumables which include tubing harness, tubing lubricant, sample bottles, etc. The equipment segment is also witnessed to grow moderately in the future period.

Global Silica Analyzer Market

The global silica analyzer market, based on industry, is classified into the power generation industry and semi-conductor industry among others. Power generation industry segment is estimated to hold a significant market share and is expected to grow at a high CAGR during the forecast period. In power generation industry, silicon analyzers are used to monitor the measurement of silica in boiling steam water which is used in power generation plants. Accurate measurement of silica concentration in steam water provides good power plant efficiency and reliability. Monitoring silica in water helps in avoiding silica scaling on the turbine which improves the thermal efficiency of water in a power plant. The semiconductor segment is also expected to grow with a significant market share in the future period as it uses silica analyzers for ultra-pure water applications.

Regardless of an increase in adoption and demand for silica analyzer because of its easy usage and benefits, there are some challenges too which are faced by the silica analyzer market. The consumables in the silica analyzer are to be clean, replaced, and maintained regularly, to keep silica analyzer working accurately. In case of any physical damage to these consumables, replacement is the only option. However, the cost of silica equipment is also high. Thus, all these factors restraint the growth of the silica analyzer market.

Among different regions across the globe, the Asia Pacific region is likely to account for the largest market share in the forthcoming years. The growing disposable income, increasing demand for electricity, a large number of coal-fired power plants, and rapid industrialization in developing countries such as China, India, Japan, and Singapore among others are the major factors driving the market growth in this region. The abundant availability and huge reserves of coal in China and India have made thermal power as the most reliable and cheap source of generating electricity to fulfill the energy requirement in region. China, is the largest consumer of coal, and relaying highly on coal-fired power generation. India is also focusing on increasing the efficiency of coal-fired power plants up to 60% by 2020. North America region is also expected to grow at a significant market share during the forecast period. Growing water purification activities in the region are propelling the market growth for silica analyzers.

Since the above segments are expected to grow in the future period, it creates business opportunities for vendors operating in the silica analyzers market, covering raw material manufactures, equipment developers, manufactures, distributors and others to expand their horizons by using various strategies such as new product launches, partnerships, acquisitions, and others to sustain in long run. Some key players operating in the global silica analyzer market are ABB, Mettler Toledo, Horiba, Nikkiso, and DKK Toa among others.

It can be concluded that the global silica analyzer market has a large potential to grow in the forthcoming years, which provides more business opportunities.

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