top 20 investment management software in the middle east in 2023

Top 20 Investment Management Software in the Middle East in 2023

The global investment management market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% from 2023-2028. Investment management software is a comprehensive suite of tools and platforms that cater to various aspects of investing, including portfolio management, wealth management, and financial planning. These tools analyze investments, allocate assets, assess risks, and offer real-time tracking and trading capabilities. Fintech solutions like robo-advisors automate advice, while CRM systems aid advisors in client management. Cloud-based platforms ensure accessibility, while compliance software maintains regulatory adherence. The global investment management software market is driven by the increasing demand to automate wealth and investment management processes, the need for sophisticated tools for asset analysis and management, and the growing interest in digital investment management solutions among High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs). The following are some of the top investment management software in the Middle East in 2023.


FundCount is a financial management and accounting software designed for hedge funds, private equity firms, family offices, and other similar financial institutions. It helps with portfolio management, partnership accounting, fund administration, and reporting. FundCount allows users to track investments, manage complex fund structures, and generate reports for investors and regulatory purposes. Its features include real-time P&L calculation, performance measurement, multi-currency accounting, and customizable reporting. Users appreciate its ability to handle intricate financial instruments and its flexibility in adapting to different investment strategies and structures.


Sharesight is an online portfolio tracking and investment performance analysis software. It allows users to manage their investment portfolios by tracking stocks, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), mutual funds, and other financial assets. Sharesight automatically retrieves and updates investment data, providing users with insights into their portfolio performance, dividends, capital gains, and tax reporting. The platform offers features like dividend tracking, performance measurement, tax reports, and various analytical tools to help investors assess their portfolios' performance over time. Sharesight aims to simplify the process of monitoring investments and generating reports for tax purposes.


PackHedge is a top-tier investment solution for Alternative/Hedge funds and Private Equity funds, as well as traditional/mutual funds and various investment instruments. It offers a range of tools for research, analysis, risk management, scenario testing, exposure analysis, asset allocation, portfolio construction, investment accounting, liquidity forecasting, due diligence, document management, workflow, CRM, compliance, KYC, and financial innovation. PackHedge integrates state-of-the-art modular software tools into a single platform, enabling unmatched data management models for multi-source, multiple-frequency, and multilingual data.


Aladdin is an end-to-end portfolio management software by Black Rock that integrates risk analytics, trading, operations, compliance, and accounting tools on a single platform. It provides clarity, efficiency, scalability, and cost savings throughout the investment lifecycle. Aladdin drives Collective Intelligence by enabling organizations to communicate effectively, address problems quickly, and make informed decisions at every step of the investment process. Relied on by 55,000 investment professionals worldwide, it is powered by over 1,500 developers and delivered as a hosted service. BlackRock operates a data and analytics "factory" with 600+ professionals, offering business process design, implementation, third-party data sources, and middle office operations.


Statmetrics is a free software tool that offers technical analysis of financial markets, providing a one-stop shop of graphs and statistical information to help traders make informed decisions about buying and selling. It is not widely known to professional investors or traders, but it can be useful for risk management, portfolio management, and asset allocation. Statmetrics offers various charting patterns, from basic triangles to Fibonacci retracements and Gann fans, all done on a computer screen, eliminating the need to physically draw lines on a graph.


Prospero is a wealth management platform developed by Finartis, a financial software solutions company, designed to assist financial institutions, wealth managers, and advisors in offering comprehensive wealth management services to their clients. The platform offers features such as portfolio management, financial planning, client relationship management, reporting and analytics, risk management, and compliance and regulations. It aims to provide a holistic view of a client's financial situation and goals, aiding advisors in making informed decisions and providing personalized advice. Prospero tracks and manages investment portfolios, provides comprehensive financial planning tools, manages client information, generates detailed reports and analytics, assesses investment risks, and ensures adherence to regulatory requirements.

FA Platform

FA Platform is a wealth and asset management software solution by FA Solutions, designed to streamline and automate aspects of wealth management, including portfolio management, trading, reporting, and client relationship management. It enhances operational efficiency, provides investment portfolio insights, facilitates compliance with regulations, and offers customizable reporting and communication tools, enhancing the client experience and facilitating compliance with regulations.


Fortress is an investment management software by BRT designed for startups and enterprises, offering end-to-end solutions for web apps. It provides contact management, risk management, benchmarking, investor reporting, and performance metrics all in one place. Fortress offers a range of benefits, including portfolio management, risk management, client management, benchmarking, performance analysis, fund management, investor reporting, and portfolio analysis. Fortress is available at a starting price and offers free consultations with software experts.


The VestServe Investment Management System (IMS) is a sophisticated portfolio management and accounting solution designed for asset managers, mutual funds, insurance companies, and pension plans. It offers features such as tracking extraneous data items, tracking all UDF history for various items, and allowing in-house non-programmers to report their needs. IMS also allows for spreadsheet-like queries to be created and exported to various formats, reducing errors and improving efficiencies. It can import or export data using XML, and integrate with various systems like brokers, custodians, General Ledger, CRM, and trading. The system's reconciliation engine ensures system updates are consistent and complete.

iDEAL Wealth & Funds

The extensively utilized solution for investment management boasts a decade-long track record, renowned for its diverse business lines and robust features. Covering the spectrum of investment operations, it spans pre-deal analysis, real-time portfolio tracking, profitability monitoring, settlements, accounting, and more. FundSense, its dynamic business insight tool, facilitates swift, collaborative decision-making with intuitive drag-and-drop data integration. Empowering users with interactive dashboards and visualizations, it offers rapid analytics for informed choices. This associative user experience, accessible from desktops, streamlines data-driven decision processes for enhanced efficiency.


Agora is an investment management software designed to empower investors and streamline their communication. It offers a convenient interface, full access to documents and reports, and a CRM tailored for real estate investment management. The platform streamlines investor communications, fosters investor relationships, and allows for faster fundraising. It also allows for the centralization of all conversations and tasks on one platform, promoting offerings with public brochures and data rooms. Agora also automates reporting and tax operations, accelerating back-office operations and streamlining the reporting process. It also allows for direct distribution of distributions to investors' bank accounts, saving time and eliminating human errors. The platform is designed with real estate investors and firms in mind, leading the market in customer satisfaction.


Dealpath is a real estate investment management software platform that streamlines complex processes, manages tasks, and simplifies data-driven deal screening and analysis. It provides real-time pipeline visibility and automated reporting, enabling investment management teams to streamline deal flow, capture pipelines, prioritize deals, and strategize. Dealpath is used by seven of the top 10 real estate investment firms, ensuring accountability, productivity, and efficiency. It is SOC2 Type 2 compliant and offers secure, resilient, and highly available cloud-native applications and data services. Blackstone Real Estate relies on Dealpath for preserving and leveraging institutional data. Built on the Box platform, Dealpath allows easy uploading and viewing of deal files. This technology streamlines and optimizes deal analysis and investment processes, allowing teams to outperform competitors in the real estate investment industry.


Tower is a leading wealth management software platform that efficiently manages complex customer portfolios with a large volume of historical data, meeting regulatory requirements. It empowers advisors with digital tools to align their clients' situation with their strategy, increasing transparency and loyalty. Tower offers alerts, portfolio rebalancing, dashboards, and data quality assurance, helping manage risk and achieve maximum returns on investments. It has multi-factors, including entity, currency, asset, geographical regions, client segment, service type, role, transparency, and regulatory compliance. Tower's architecture includes integration capabilities, API support, on-premise/cloud hosting, scalability, fault-tolerance, maintenance, and usability. Benefits of Tower include industrializing the investment process, improving productivity, operational efficiency, and continuous product innovation and R&D. It supports various entities and provides a solution for the entire financial-advice process.


The IMSplus investment management platform is a versatile solution for the BFSI industry, offering specialized solutions for various sectors. It is designed for flexibility and ease of use, catering to complex business requirements in the global investment management domain. IMSplus offers advanced solutions for wealth management, asset and fund management, personal banking and brokerage, custody, insurance investment management, and family offices. It can be deployed as standalone installations or integrated with existing infrastructure, offering flexible configurations to meet specific organizational needs.


XENTIS is an integrated investment management solution that manages the entire investment lifecycle. It is used by thousands of users to manage assets worth over EUR 1 trillion, price more than 6,000 funds, and 30,000 mandates daily. XENTIS' comprehensive functionality automates front-, middle-, and back-office operations, supporting the entire investment process. Three options are available for the required startup of XENTIS: open all, close all, investment compliance, and compliance testing. XENTIS offers a comprehensive solution for investment compliance, including integrated or standalone, on-premise, hosted, or as a service. It provides extensive pre- and post-trade investment compliance functionality, standard rule language for limit rules, direct testing with productive data, and country rule sets for several countries. It also allows for online checks of limit usages and violations, automated report creation, and look-through of financial instruments.

Tindeco VISION

Tindeco VISION is a flexible framework for wealth managers to design and implement their unique investment process. It supports the creation of systematic portfolios and automates their implementation. The platform includes various functionalities such as product design, strategy testing, instrument selection, investment components, and instrument selection. It also allows for customization of end client portfolios, composites, investment committees, and instruments. VISION also supports pre-trade compliance, ensuring compliance with regulatory, investment, and risk guidelines. The system also provides a client portal for clients to view reports and analyze their accounts. The platform also supports core banking, pre-trade compliance, and automated processes.


AppFolio is a real estate management platform that streamlines and automates processes, allowing businesses to focus on their core activities. It offers a centralized data system, allowing for automation and AI to maximize productivity. The platform offers an intuitive design that translates across devices, ensuring seamless interactions for team members, residents, and investors. It also provides seamless integrations and services from the AppFolio Stack Marketplace. AppFolio is a trusted partner that offers continuous innovation and supports various types of real estate management, including single-family, multifamily, affordable housing, community associations, student housing, commercial, and investment management.


The Solovis institutional investment management technology platform is designed for limited partners and asset allocators to revolutionize multi-asset class portfolio management. This platform offers greater efficiency, faster insights, and better investment decisions. It includes features like collection, analysis, prediction, product, and share. The platform is the first true multi-asset class portfolio management platform dedicated to limited partners, family offices, foundations, foundations, fund managers, insurance companies, and pensions.


Addepar is an investment management software empowering finance professionals with a unified platform for comprehensive data aggregation, analysis, and reporting. It consolidates diverse financial data from various sources, enabling in-depth portfolio assessment, risk evaluation, and tailored reporting. Its interface simplifies complex information, offering insights into asset performance, allocation, and risk exposure. Addepar facilitates informed decision-making by providing customizable reports, aiding collaboration between advisors and clients. Designed for wealth management firms and financial institutions, it aims to streamline processes, enhance transparency, and empower users with robust tools for optimizing investment strategies and managing diverse portfolios.


Axia Suite is a web-based, omni-channel, MiFID II enabled investment management platform. It offers comprehensive functionality to meet and exceed investment management requirements. Key features include powerful client management, automated integration with custodian banks and market data feeds, competitive functionality, unified user experience, advanced security and compliance, and a cloud-based platform for agile operations. Axia Suite offers 24/7 access to investment professionals and clients' information, allowing them to access data and documents on mobile devices or desktop computers. It can be deployed according to an institution's specific needs, covering all functions with easy set-up and various deployment options.