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market research

Identify New Revenue Pockets

Known globally as B2B information integrator and analyzer, helping companies make strategic decisions to achieve growth and revenue targets

market research

Leverage Power of Real-Time Data Monitoring

Complex competitive intelligence with 360° view of prospects for ongoing strategic initiatives

market research

Transform your Future Revenue Mix

Disruptive research that correlates markets, technologies, new use cases and companies.

market research

About Global Market Estimates Research & Consultants

Global Market Estimates Research & Consultants has quantified 25,000+ ultra niche high-growth emerging opportunities into a strategic asset helping businesses achieve optimal performance. We have the world's most detailed view of connected and converged ecosystems. We use this to study the impact of disruptions and technology megatrends on industry business models, our client’s business, their clients business and their clients clients business in our market research. Our client success stories is building trust and inspiring confidence - Fortune 500 companies to fast-growing startups.

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If you purchase our market research report that is updated in the next 45 days, we will send you the new edition and data extract FREE!

1000+ Clients, 15000+ Consultants, 25000+ Reports, 8 Cutting-Edge Research Verticals Expertise, 5 Continents – if it’s market research, you are a part of our market research report repository.

Global Market Estimates client success

Client Success Stories

Global Market Estimates has helped us setting the entire supply chain in the Middle East region. We believe in the whole process, your team worked with great efforts and we sincerely express our gratitude to all exertions from your team especially to you Mr. Palash Khanna who is always kind.

Tokyo, Japan based Fortune 500 Company

GME handles our account from last two years and helps us with insights on real-time basis. Their tool helps us with different techniques to eliminate risks, false alarms and predict the future of the consumers and their transactions. We are glad to associate with this organization.

France based Leading Chemicals Company

Thank you Ms. Swati Patwari and the analyst team at GME on getting on a conference call with our investors, and helping us raise US$ 750 million for our organization. We got our deliverables well in time, and appreciate the customer service.

Germany based SME

Many thanks to the post sales' support team for providing complete flexibility for customized solutions, and helping us with periodic deliverables & analyst briefings as and when required. Thank you again for all the help!!!

U.S. based Fortune 500 Company

GME helped us in identifying fastest growing tech opportunities and hot revenue pockets across end industries and geographies. I strongly recommend the firm to anyone for insights about any industry. Best wishes!

Fortune-100 cybersecurity company

Thank you Mr. Nikhil Vairal for providing us with actionable intelligence to identify companies for M&A and partnerships in South East Asia .

UK based Leading Semiconductors Company
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Press Releases

Global Market Estimates Clientele

Our pool of analysts capture disruptive concepts and technologies on daily-basis which helps fortune 1000 companies. We have a database of 15000+ industry consultants, VPs, CEOs, COOs, financial consultants, business consultants, strategy consultants, project management consultants, business management consultants, distributors, and end-use product manufacturers across the globe which help us identify and forecast niche markets.

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